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2910. party to case (pro se)

God have mercy on your soul if you are stuck with the Judges in the 324 Tarrant County Family Courts of Fort Worth Texas. It is unreal what these two Judges are allowed to do to people in their Family Court Room. There is no Law in their Court Room. They completely strip people of their legal rights and do whatever they want..... Be prepared to be completely destroyed byhe 324 Tarrant County Family Court Room of Fort Worth Texas.


5148. party to case (with attorney)

I felt Judge Poulos was fair. She listened to everything I said she put my kids needs first and based of evidence presented she made a fair judgment. I feel she was generally concerned about my children and me. She let me know before she heard my case what to expect. I did Google her before court and read a lot of reviews, but I prayed about my situation that God would do what is best for my kids at this time and things worked out they way they should have. I wish I could have hugged her. I can't imagine being a judge and listening day in and day out about all the broken families. She can tell if parents are really concerned or when they are being spitful. I was ordered to get counseling and I'm happy with that. I know some won't agree with my opinion and I'm ok with that too.


1517. party to case (with attorney)

I was flat out denied my Legal Rights in Judge Beth Poulos's court room. I was denied all evidence to prove that my spouse was money laundering, opening new accounts, committing mail fraud, illegally monitoring my credit. I was denied all evidence to prove my innocence against the Corrupt Dirty Tactic Opposing Attorney's nonstop false charges. Literally nonstop false charges and nonstop harassment by the Corrupt Opposing Counsel. The Opposing Counsel bribed my main witness with $10,000 to cooperate with her. This evidence was not allowed in Judge Beth Poulos's court room. I was found guilty at ALL Contempt of Court Hearings. This Judge completely denied all my hard factual evidence to prove my innocence. ALL my evidence. This required me to pay thousands and thousands of more dollars in legal fees to Appeal all her biased unfair rulings and disallowing my legal rights to defend myself. Judge Poulos plays favorites and actually teams up with her favorite side to defraud and drain the other litigant dry. Judge Beth Poulos clears out her courtroom so there are NO witnesses to her abusive name calling and threats. All this is excluded from Court Transcripts. I purchased several Court Transcripts to file complaints with the Judiciary Committee only to find ALL her verbal abuse and threats were excluded from all the transcripts It's SHOCKING what Judge Beth Poulos is all allowed to do in her court room! Dirty Tactic Opposing Counsel was ALLOWED to add a provision in the Final Decree prohibiting my Legal Rights to file Complaints with the Texas Bar Association for her professional misconduct and unethical behavior. This provision allows the Corrupt Opposing Counsel to now file Contempt of Court charges if I file complaints against her. The fact that a provision to prohibit my Legal Rights to file complaints with the Texas Bar Association is unethical.


2981. party to case (pro se)

I am a victim to the Family Court Corruption. This Judge is extremely abusive and has a total disregard to the Laws. She disallows factual evidence, cancelled all of my Attorneys Hearings then Court ordered me to pay my Attorney even though she cancelled ALL of my Hearings. After cancelling ALL of my Attorneys Hearings she ruled that I am not allowed any of my own community property funds for my legal fees leaving me unable to afford an Attorney. At all Hearings where I was unable to afford an Attorney I had to represent myself. My spouse was only allowed to use our community property funds for his Attorneys fees. At ALL these Hearings where I could not afford an Attorney and I was a Pro Se Litigant, this Judge met with the Opposing Attorney in her Private Chambers while I was required to wait in the Court Room until they came out. She refused any evidence on my behalf. This Judge made me stand before her bench, She called me names then told me that she can do whatever she wants in her Court Room and there is nothing anyone can do to stop her. Where can we go to get help in our Tarrant County Family Courts from the corruption and abuse?


3507. witness

Unfortunately Associate Judge Beth Poulos has no concerns for the welfare of children or victims of abuse ... Associate Judge Beth Poulos's only concern is about generating tons and tons and tons of income for her industry. She refuses evidence on purpose, obstructing justice, on purpose and grants children to the abusive parent / unfit parent on purpose. This is to force the non custodial parent to keep hiring legal help to get custody from the abusive unfit parent. This is all about exploitation of families to intentionally drain them dry of all their assets.


4281. other

She is very disrespectful and a disgrace to the bench!


5330. party to case (with attorney)

I filed for my divorce to escape my Abuser. Rather than HELP me Associate Judge Beth Poulos sided with my Abuser, allowed and aided in abuse. Despite the fact that I filed for my divorce, Associate Judge Beth Poulos completely stripped me of all my Legal Rights, My credit was completely destroyed impacting my FICO score and my ability to get a job in my industry for which I went to college for. Our entire multimillion dollar estate was ALL granted to my spouse while I was left in severe poverty, homeless living out of my car. We were married for 20 years, multimillion dollar estate, Southlake Texas Family. Tarrant County Family Court Corruption in Fort Worth Texas is OFF the Charts Horrifying ... I was Completely destroyed in every way, left in severe poverty, homeless living out of my car.


6869. party to case (with attorney)

She is great.she's fair.she's not dumb very aware when the other party lies.I love this judge... she doesn't tolerate disrespect in her courtroom as any other judge.I'm just blessed to get a judge who literally understands. Going through domestic violence and trying to give the other party a chance after he was suppose to have no access. its all in record and she sees.you can't coparent with someone with a mental illness and doesn't do anything to control it.love her love her love her


6891. party to case (with attorney)

Do whatever you can to stay out of her courtroom. She would rather the divorcing parties settle the terms among themselves than sift through family dirty laundry. I took my pre-trial to a hearing, and ended up with the worst case scenario in regards to child custody and support, not because I'm a bad parent, but because she felt that it should have been handled outside the courtroom.


6988. other

Fair and smart woman on the bench. She has no pity for those that choose not to help themselves, and rules in favor of the likes of children and their future.


7043. party to case (with attorney)

This Judge violates the Law, is extremely corrupt, she sides with the abusers, she regularly holds Hearings in her Private Chambers stripping litigants who are falsely charged with TRO violations by the Abuser. She flat out refuses solid factual evidence tampering with evidence obstructing justice. She allows her favored litigant to do whatever they want including exempt from their TRO violations, criminally violating the victims spouse, she allows her favored litigant to commit perjury by refusing solid factual evidence aiding in perjury. This Judge is extremely corrupt and extremely dangerous!!


7128. other

Associate Judge Beth Poulos is an extremely disgusting corrupt Judge who has a total disregard to Federal and State Laws. She is a Child Abuser and has no concerns for the welfare or care of children! Associate Judge Beth Poulos violates the Law criminally violating people in her Tarrant County Family Court Room in Fort Worth Texas. Associate Judge Beth Pouls is not an elected Judge, she bought her way into office which is Federal Crimes of Bribery. We the People are demanding that this Judge be immediately terminated, criminally prosecuted and thrown in prison.


7305. party to case (pro se)

This Jusge is a disgusting abusive corrupt Judge who forges signatures of the District Judge to strip litigants of all their legal rights and force them at gun point to comply to her demands! This Judge needes to be immediately terminated and criminally prosecuted and thrown in PRISON!!


7985. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Poulos saved my daughter and I from a man that was extremely narcissistic and mentally ill. We endured 15 years of abuse. I found her to be very intelligent and no nonsense. I love this judge.


8396. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Beth Poulos is fair and has zero tolerance for liars and people who try to abuse the system. She takes what you have to say into consideration to make the best possible ruling. My child has grown so much due to limited contact with his narcissistic father. Thank you Judge Polous!


8674. party to case (with attorney)

All of these disgruntled folks who have posted negative reviews are shameless losers. None of these negative reviews has to be judged as a fair. There is no credibility in those reviews because of the negative bias. The funny things is these people are posting unfair reviews to judges’ fairness. It seems like those are satisfied with the judges’ decision hardly post and all those who lose do not have the guts to take the court’s decision and rush to the Internet to vent the venom. Nonsense. Law is not about making people happy or making judgments to please everyone. A judge’s review has to be the review of the professional conduct of the judge and how justly and fairly he/she applied the law. Any question or post pointing fingers at their integrity has to be supported by evidence. I myself went through divorce through this judge and I ended up losing a lot of my saving which the judge awarded to the opposition. A part of the trial also went through the associate judge, which also gave me an opportunity to see how she conducted herself. Both district judge Jerome Hennigan and his associate judge Beth Poulos are honorable professionals and have done a remarkable job. Despite losing lots of money I believe they made a fair decision in my case. Their conduct and professionalism was absolutely immaculate. Dr. A.

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