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407. other

This judge is the absolute WORST at hearing the child support modification cases. I have spoken to the AG's office in Austin about her behavior. My evidence and proof was too much for her to review so she reschedules the hearing. Really Lady? that is your job. My exidence was prepared to a T as per the AG's office. If this woman is to old to take the time to do her job and do it well than get her off the bench. My tax dollars contribute to her salary! No wonder she isn't married and lives in a crummy house on Monette. She is a hateful person who obviously has been on that bench too long to do her job effectively. I am sure MANY others agree. I will be filing a complaint with the state bar as well as Nueces Co. Maybe the media needs to expose her as well. We are far from over!


3560. other

Judge Ida Brazell doesn't belong in any court, she is rude, doesn't let you talk hardly, so unprofessional!! How is it possible that a father is given all visitation rights without supervision after he has been validated as a sex offender with one of his own through CPS!!!! She treated CPS as if they were nothing!!!!! Tell me where the word JUSTICE has any meaning here!!!! Please help get her out of court!


4912. other

She is hateful rude and should be fire. ..How can she represent the State of Texas as a Judge. ..Maybe the people that have her there are afraid to get rid of her. ...To many complaints about her and no one can seem to do anything about it. ...Way a go Texas. ...


2563. other

Look up Idalia Brazell vs. Ronnie Brazell. She has been through the child support system also and her ex husband got screwed over just like many many men have under her gavel. She should NOT be a judge for this kind of matter and it is a conflict of interest to do so .She is HORRIBLE.


1071. other

its not so much the judge its the people she has working for her they are rude they roll their eyes at you when you ask a question. Just not helpful at all.


4382. witness

How can this judge still be in office????!!! She's rude, doesn't let people talk, defend themselves in any way. From I beginning, she seems to decide whose side she takes, CPS representatives don't mean anything to her!!!! She throws them out of court room, doesn't care to hear from them, so tell me, why is CPS called on abuse, neglect case if judge treats them like they don't stand for anything!!!!!? Judge ida brazell needs to be removed from office, she is a sorry excuse for justice!!!! She actually removed kids from a drug addict and gave a sex offender all rights without supervision!!!! This judge has forgotten that we the people voted n put her in that position and we can take her off!!! Please help remove her from office!!!!


7051. other

My ex hasn't really paid child support in over 10yrs, so when I was granted for my case to go before a judge, I was exstatic. Unfortunetly, things didn't go the way I thought they would. Judge Brazell gave my ex 6 months to pay or go to jail. My ex did not fulfill his duties and only paid $12 bucks for a few of those months. Upon arriving to court in July, I thought my ex would go to jail, but instead the judge stated putting him in jail wouldn't benefit my son (whom my ex has NOTHING to do with) and that he made an "attempt" to pay. Really? $12 dollars is an attempt? I'm a single mother of a preteen now! So the judge gave him ANOTHER 6 months to pay, we have court in January, and yet again, my ex has not fulfilled his obligation. Given his track record over the past 12 years, there is NO WAY judge Brazell should have allowed him a full year to make payments. Judge Brazell does not hold those ACCOUNTABLE that should be which puts extra stress and pressure on parents trying to raise their children alone! I would recommend getting a lawyer if you want something actually done! What a shame! I've fought over 11yrs and not even our Judge is willing to help! The Texas Attorney General is worthless!!!!


3887. other

She was right on in our case against a mother who refused to pay child support. She accepted no excuses. She was given slap on hands first time under 6 month monitoring but kept her word to put her in jail if not all payments were made. Funny how they can pay to keep themselves out of jail but they can't just pay because it is their obligation. The judge stands her ground and is firm and that is what is needed to make these people responsible.


6914. other

I would if rated 0 stars but did not have that option. This Judge is deplorable. She herself has been in a child support conflict with ex. She has no right sitting as Judge on child support cases. She is bias and down right dumb. She held me and took my money. 700$ with no jurisdiction over me. I did not owe the child support but told me if i didnt give my boyfriends ex money from my pocket she would put me in jail. Michelle Benevidez is the mother of a 23 yr old son at the time. The child lived with grandpa from the age of 15 to 18. I sent a petition to the texas review board to have her removed. Please do not vote for Judge Longoria 2016. She sits under him. She needs to be put in jail. She puts men down and is just ugly inside and out. No wonder her husband divorced her. We need to have the seat occupied by someone who hears both sides fairly. Hope is possible. Lets get her out of the seat. Sign petition on face book.


3257. attorney (public defender)

man, this don't sound good. I have to appear before her really soon. Ive been ready the Family Law section in the Texas Constitution and Statutes and theres so many factors and guidelines I see that definitally help me (im the father wanting joint/shared custody) represent myself in court.I already went once and when I didn't agree to see my kid every 1st and 3rd month, the got attitude from me and even had the nerve the question me as to why I felt I wasn't responsible to paying child before any fact or details about the case had been presented. I didn't even get a chance to work things out with the mom before I went up before the judge. But my case got Rescheduled so now im using all tht time to study the aws and guidelines, so I can at least have some sorta flase hope of putting up a good case. there wasn't even a table to lay your evidence on and look threw. I have a very bad feeling about this after hearing her settle two cases before mine got rescheduled.


8151. witness

This judge is absolutely ridiculous! She looks like she's bitter over pass relationship she dont care if u have other kids of things to pay she has no heart for people that really do try to pay child support how can i get info for complaint

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