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2076. other

Jean hudson Boyd should be removed from the bench... She just released a kid that murdered 4 in a drunk driving case. He was found guilty but she choose to put him instead in a 500K a year treatment facility. Ms. Boyd is empty headed and should be sent back home at the next election. Let's not forget this case come next November 2014!!!


2077. other

I am very saddened by the news release of this teenager only be required to face probation and rehab due to his "affluenza". This outcome screams corruption and briber at its finest. Four innocent lives were taken because parents, "didn't teach their child right from wrong"? When one gets behind the wheel of a vehicle to drive, drinks something that is illegal for his age, kills innocent people- he should be held accountable and so should his parents since they are claiming they are part of the problem. How tragic. This judge should be removed from the bench and any judicial activity.


2078. other

Judge Jean Hudson Boyd needs to be removed from her duties as a judge.By her ruling to let Ethan Couch walk free and serve no jail is setting an example that it's okay to drive drunk and kill 4 people as long as you have enough money to buy your way out of it.Ethan Couch does need treatment and counselling but he also needs to pay for what he has done.He needs to serve time in jail.He will not learn a lesson from this and put more people at risk.When and if Ethan Couch causes another fatal accident or hurts someone not only will he be guilty of that but Jean Hudson Boyd will also be part responsible for that.


2079. other

This is a shame and a disgrace. This says that if you are rich you can get away with a DUI even if you murder 4 innocent lives. It says if are rich you get a light punishment, This says justice is NOT blind and she can see your wallet. Please Texas voters you are better than this. Please replace this judge ASAP.


2080. other

This isn't the first piss poor judgment passed by this imbecile.How can such a moron hold public office,hang on,scratch that,silly question.What i mean is why do we put up with this? Some silver spoon gutless,yellow momma's boy kills others and the defence is he's too rich to know any better?Surely someone with all the advantages he has had should know better. I wonder what the price was?Money,promotion?Or just her soul?


4659. other



4664. other

Forever to be known as the judge who failed the law and the people. Bamboozled by the Affluenza defense, her ruling should disbar her from performing any legal service in the future and remand her to physiological counseling and probation for the same duration terms as the sentence she handed down.


2081. other

It is discouraging to hear the story of probation for an extremely drunk young man who gets probation after killing 4 people. I can only hope that voters will remember this at election time next year. I can only hope the voters will also hold all of their elected representatives accountable and responsible unless they speak out regarding this incident and take every step possible to obtain justice for the true victims


2082. other

I can't believe the injustice this judge is "guilty" of. AFFLUENZA??? Couch: "Yes, I killed 4 people but I couldn't help it because I am filthy rich." Judge Boyd: "Oh, you poor dear. How stressful that must be. Let me send you to a luxury resort to help you relax." She has one more year before the election. I hope she is defeated.


4918. other

She needs to be disbarred


2088. other

How do you "cure" a kid from a lifetime of "affluent" upbringing and dismissing personal responsibility? By bringing him to a cult? That's a pretty swanky cult he's going to be at. And what happens with his parents who were not parents; rather, they were "affluent" individuals whose only concerns involved themselves?


2090. other

This judge HAS TO BE REMOVED. She is got to be one of the worst judges in the USA. She was obviously paid off to let that criminal go that killed those innocent people. So only people with money can be cured, I hope you get judge VERY HARSHLY for your cruel and uppity way! It is people like you that should rot in hell! If this was someone with no money and of color, you would have thrown the book at him/her. You need to be removed, and lose your license in Texas, I know judges in TX don't need law degrees, so where did you find yours, in a cracker jack box???? That titled needs to be changed from Honorable to Dishonorable !


2091. other



2096. other

This event will be used by the liberals to gain more government power and the useful idiots will eat it up... Conservative Republicans better get to the media and start bashing this judge as an imbecile and such. This could change the complexion of the elections to come in 2014. "See what the rich get away with" "we need more control to stop this abuse of power by the rich" This Judge did the liberal elite a favor.


2111. other

All I have to say, is that this kid was black or Mexican or poor white trash, he wouldn't see the light of day for 20 years........minimum. There should be no wait until November to vote her out, the public needs to mobilize & demand her removal.


2167. other

I thought this was a hoax when I first read the article. How could any sane Judge give such an unwise and insensitive verdict. What about the families and can the poor use the same excuse? Maybe Lackfulenzza? This Judge has to have been bought. Will someone please investigate this? What if her family was the victims of such a senseless crime.


2319. other

She should be removed from the bench immediately and have her Law License revoked. A person at age 16 knows right from wrong and in my opinion, he got away with murder,with no remorse for what he did, due to the fact his Parents has money and could afford representation that only cared about the big bucks he would make. Judge Boyd, if this defendant had run into your family, killing them, would you please tell me how you would feel if a Judge did the same to him as you have done to the family of the victims, Then with closed doors refuse to explain why


2321. attorney (public defender)

This case involving Ethan Couch is utterly disgusting and shows a lack of moral judgment by Jean Hudson Boyd. She should be deeply ashamed of herself. She is basically saying that if you have rich parents that its OKAY to be an underage drunk driver and its okay to kill 4 people. She's not holding Ethan accountable for his actions. I'm sorry but probation is not acceptable for taking 4 people's lives. Meanwhile in a previous case in 2012 she sentenced a black 14 year old to 10 years for killing a boy with one single punch.


2326. other

Neither CNN, HLN, ABC, CBS, NBC, nor FOX News named Judge Jean Hudson Boyd in the "Affluenza" decision". Why? Judge Bruce Wright's name became a household word in the 1970's. "Cut 'em loose Bruce" was reviled all over the nation; but for some reason Judge Boyd's name was never mentioned. Why? Why is it that our major news organizations don't know the name of the "Affluenza" judge.


4349. other

This ruling was not only terrible but show utter incompetence in the Judge Boyd's ability to rule. She fulfilled the Peter Principle, "she reached her level of incompetence. I fill terrible for the families who were not given justice. The psychologist who came up with this "influenza" defense should be given the sentence the boy should have gotten and show should his attorneys. The whole gist of the law is to do what is right .... not only from the judge from from the expert witnesses and the attorneys. It's not about winning it's about doing what is right.


4668. other

We put these individuals in a very high position of the courts to uphold and protect us and our kids. When we pay our taxes at the end of the year, this is the outcome we get? Our tax money we worked so hard, 9-5 job, 10-12 hour shifts in some industries, back breaking work to pay for this kind of ignorance? Honorable Judge Jean Hudson Boyd needs to be charged just exactly like the mother and the couch kid is facing. 4 innocent lives lost, no more New Years, birthdays, Christmas, special occasions they got deprived because of "affluenza." The wrong doing doesn't stop with the Honorable Judge. The district attorney that tried this case should be put on blast as well. What happened to appealing the case for the 4 lives that was lost? What happened to giving justice to 4 innocent lives, but they just accepted the sentence and turned their backs on the families that were relying on them. There were no appeals on their part, there were no "keep him locked up and appeal the verdict and get it transferred to an adult court", there was none of that. I'll bet if Ethan Couch wasn't filthy rich, he would be looking at voluntary manslaughter for each and every innocent person that lost their lives. Taking her off the bench is a slap on the wrist, do you want to see it happen twice. She needs to face a judge for the wrong she has done to these poor families. No parole, probation, or a luxury rehab center. She lent a hand in killing those 4 innocent people. Give the people what they deserve.


7399. attorney (government, criminal matters)

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