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2131. attorney (private practice)

My name is David M. Ginsberg I was an attorney for 26 years but appeared as a litigant in front of Kelly Wall. I witnessed gross judicial misconduct, including ex-parte communications with opposing counsel. I could go on and on with the ethical and due process violations. I need to return to the USA to file serious juducial misconduct charges against her, a federal lawsuit, and a Petition to Appeal Nunc Pro Tunc before the Superior Court. Does anyone have any experience with this? Can anyone help me? Kelly Wall destroyed and is destroying my life. I took a job in China, but my ex-wife and she keep up their mischief, with no due process to me. I am asking anyone with knowledge of Kelly Wall, anyone who is in a similar situation, etc. to contact me. David M. Ginsberg Ginsberg LLC@aol.com


1023. other

Judge Wall failed to report an allegation of child abuse, and did nothing to allow this child to get therapy because the mother denied it. After being hospitalized due to a breakdown, child will need years of therapy according to his psychologist. Judge Wall's response---maybe the child should be put in foster care. Does she think this will save her for not reporting the abuse when it should have been----we arrest teachers and coaches for this, why not her.


468. party to case (pro se)

Judge Kelly Wall WAS NOT A FAMILY LAWYER...she only handled child custody hearings. I reviewed all of her cases and she got on the bench with NO LITIGATION EXPERIENCE. She concealed a campaign contribution from the opposing attorney in my case. She criticized me for refinancing my home when the recorder of deeds shows she refinanced her home more times than I did. Because of her my divorce is in its 5th year and colluded with the opposing attorney and forced my home into foreclosure. She is just another Montco Bar association criminal and needs to be removed


741. other

Walls overturned a 7 year standing custody order, in favor of a mother who abandoned her children. Moved the children out of state away from the single Father that had been raising them alone. She claims he wasn't doing a very good job because he worked some long hours and had neglected a dental issue with one of the sons. The Mother is now manipulating visitation and the Father rarely sees the sons that he had been so close with. The 18 yo son is failing his senior year of high school and the younger boy is on probation for felony B&E. Coincidentally the Mother had a local former republican congressman testify on the quality of her character. Walls has destroyed relationships and possibly the future of a few young people with a careless decision that was obviously motivated by something other than the children's welfare.


2922. party to case (with attorney)

It is very apparent that the Judge takes sides and simply doesn't even bother to listen or read the facts. I don't even believe she fully understands the case. Friendships with opposing counsels seem to hold more water than the actual facts. This Judge is cutting her teeth on our cases, rulings that make no sense and causing extreme hardships. She granted my ex the divorce without having the equitable distribution settled. She allowed him to waste millions of dollars, deplete marital assets, produce all sorts of expert witnesses but quashed my attempt to bring the facts forward or bring in my witnesses. I wasn't even permitted to present my case. Does that seem fair? No case is only one-sided, except in Judge Wall's courtroom. So the husband depletes all the marital assets, and she files an order in 2011 that he owes me $$$$$ only a fraction of what I should receive because she awarded him everything else and he has lost it all now. On the eve before we were to go before Judge Wall he files bankruptcy and then another year or so passes and I have NOT seen a dime of what was in the order. He can't write off the debt because of the order, but that too took all types of filings. Then she granted him the divorce, permits him to come into my home after 10 years of going thru this hell to retrieve a pieces of furniture that he cried had so many memories. He came unprepared to pick up the items and took no care and broke the pieces. I have not seen one penny of what has been ordered to be paid to me. This entire case has been one-sided since Judge Wall has taken over the case. Her infertility problems and divorce were also spoken about and compared to my case by opposing counsel. Very inappropriate. It would be nice to have a Judge who has experience and not be the first case she took once she sat on the bench.


273. party to case (with attorney)

I submitted evidence of abuse with wittness statements,threatening text messages, and evidence on how visitation with my child father his mentally harming. He tried to commit suicide, h e didn't show up for courtordered mediation,my child first class and it fine. I take my child to the psychologist under the suggestion of the pedestrian and she gets an attitude with me about it. The best part she's making a decision on a 4yr olds life and never once talked or looked at the parents.


348. witness

In reference to the above case with unsupervised visitation being awarded to a father with a violent & suicidal history - Ms. Wall has done this before. It is beyond me HOW a judge who started her career as a family law attorney can possess such complete disregard for the welfare of children! Her blatant bias and favoritism for the father's with questionable intent should be grounds for her dismissal! Children will suffer at her hand!


3505. party to case (pro se)

This woman is a complete disaster. I had her removed by the Judicial Conduct Board. She is only focused on repaying the $30,000 that she got in contributions from the Montgomery County Bar..by allowing attorneys to expand cases to maximize their hourly billing.. She needs to be removed from the bench and disbarred.


5060. other

This judge is clearly incompetent. My Mom took me to court for custody of my Son. My Mom had an attorney, I did not. My Mom used my brain tumor diagnosis to say I am supposedly an unfit parent. None of my doctors would have ever said I am supposedly unfit to raise my son. This Judge assumed that my Son would be better off with my Mom. Judge Wall medically discriminated against me. My son has medical problems and has regressed under my Mom's care. This Judge needs to be fired. No justice served in her courtroom. She doesn't make her decisions based on facts, but hearsay.


7038. witness

I have watched for 5 years now, Kelly Wall's abuse of a system that she has created around her and her immediate family. She PERSONALLY arranged for the mother of her NIECES AND NEPHEWS.... to be accused of having a mental problem so she would be arrested and her children taken from her. Kelly Wall " PERSONALLY " called the medical facility to ensure the mother would not be released. This is confirmed by an employee of the facility. The mother was released a week later. Now... the facility has no record of her being there. There is much much more to this story and her personal involvement with her. There is much more liability on her behalf that I would love to talk about. I have evidence of her illegal advice to her Brother and also has managed to have him freed after his 4th DUI. It is interesting how she preaches the good of the children and has done everything she can to keep 4 children from their mother, who has never even been arrested. The mother wants nothing more than shared custody. What you are reading here is not even a scratch of the surface of this case.


269. party to case (pro se)

Judge Wall is exactly what she appears to be: a politician paid by the public trough and a crony of the Montco republican machine.


1030. attorney (non-profit practice)

Child abuse is a crime - why isn't it being tried in a criminal court? At the very least, mother is guilty of mental injury for denying appropriate treatment.


1140. party to case (with attorney)

I have a family member in prison for back child support. where my brother in down in luck living in my baseement and his wife is living in a big single home with in ground pool.....Then you have child molester walking the streets cracks me up


1145. other

To SIsyphus----I bet the evaluator is the great Dr. M. , he seems to be her hand-picked favorite.(see Chester County Rants, for this guy's reputation.)


1931. other

Judge Wall is incompetent at best. My ex who is not the father of my two older children just my youngest was granted a temporary PFA on all their behalves. ON top of that , she gave a premature infant who he visited twice to him under the PFA which he never claimed in the PFA that I abused. She doesn't look at the facts not the manipulations of the documents. It was glaring that if i abused the older two and your granting a temp on that why was i retaining custody of them while losing custody of the one I didn't abuse. Another judge had to clean her mess up the next business day. It took a week to get the child's health back on track since he ripped off his high calorie formula.


6130. attorney (private practice)

I have appeared in from of Judge Wall many times and have found her to thoughtful, caring and courteous.


6384. party to case (pro se)

My ex admitted on the stand to numerous contempt acts and violating federal law and she ignored it. Then my ex admitted she had no interaction with the child for pretty much all her life, and got primary custody. Now my daughter is being bruised up and can't speak for herself, her schooling isn't working because it's bad and my ex has pawned her off on someone else. this is disturbing.


7082. party to case (pro se)

Conflict of interest. Auctioning the bench to the highest bidder. Criminal


7740. other

As usual Montco Judges with 10 year terms make you wait all day then deny even seeing you because this LAWYER (aka judge) needed to take lunch? Great idea to set up this "ratings" site-then you overpaid bums don't have to hear any complaints. NO MORE 10 year terms for these Lawyers-they become too comfortable not doing anything-I'm 47 and these same bums have been on the bench since I was in high school-because of 10 year terms???? Montco Judges are a joke-all of them.


7744. attorney (public defender)

Strikingly, almost all cases on this website are done JURYLESSLY. That is how these judicial thefts are being carried out. Get the jury involved, demand jury trials immediately even if your case has already been claimed to have been "adjudicated", if you feel the law was overlooked and evidence was disregarded, the grand jury is not allowed to be kept from the proceedings. Regardless of the particulars, if you feel you are the victim of crime or know somebody who is, report those wrongdoings to the nearest grand juries ASAP. ATTENTION: You can protect the JUSTICE System and oppose obstructions of JUSTICE. Demand JURY TRIALS be provided, TO SWEEP THESE ACTS OF WRONGDOING WITH THE JUSTICE OF THE GRAND JURY. With enough persistence you should be able to obtain a mailing address, email address, and/or fax number for a sitting grand jury in your area. Send your evidence presentment in all possible means, ASAP. Any person that tells you that you do not have the right to present knowledge of WRONGDOING to your district grand jury is acting in contradiction to law, and aiding and abetting, adhering, giving comfort to enemies (and enemy forces, organized crime) of this country and United States. If you have knowledge of what you believe to be wrongdoing/crimes, immediately report that evidence to your nearest grand juries ASAP, and law enforcement, local, state, and federal (district attorney, police, sheriff, state attorney General, FBI, securities and exchange commission, US Marshall service, etc. etc.)


7796. party to case (with attorney)

All I have to say is when a Judge is not looking at reports, ignoring years of Domestic violence which the children witnessed, alcohol abuse not to mention never investigating a Registered Indicated Child Abuse report in the state of PA with a registration number. Giving Fraternal Grand Parents standing when the Judges own court documents show they never met the timeline guidelines but she completely ignored the filings by my attorney. Then removed my children from my home on a phone conference never allowing me my right to due process, Judge Wall knowingly and willing never rectified the situation. Instead took my children without ever ordering any agency to investigate the allegations and with no viable proof that anything in the petition was accurate. Judge Wall allowed opposing counsel to write the order and order me to supervised visits for 5 months which was never discussed or proposed to my attorney. Judge Wall allows so much expartee communication to go on between herself and the lawyers through emails and phone calls. The lawyers and the elevators. Judge Wall held up the case for a year insisting she was getting records of child abuse for the court appointed Clinical Forensic Psychiatrist she appointed to evaluate the families but that never happened and then Judge Wall ordered in May of 2016 that the evaluations be completed without the child abuse records and given to her by June of 2016. A year and a half after the evaluation had started. Judge Wall has since wrote a Temporary order giving a Registered Indicated child abuser primary custody of my little girls. Ignoring the Dr. recommendations and then proceeding to blame the hold up in the case on me for therapy with my girls which is a blatant lie. I have the emails to prove my estranged husband would not agree or meet with anyone or sign anything till October 15th 2015 only 7 days after his Parents were allowed to intervene using false accusations and innuendo's about the Mother. Then the Parents and my estranged husband ran my children to therapy never including me or advising me of what was going on. Intimidating my 11 year old and talking her into making false accusations against her Mother and then asking the therapist to come to court and testify but CYO would not investigate because she had no marks anywhere and it would be impossible for what the therapist was reporting for her not to have bruises all over her face and head. After Samantha told my friend about what she reported was going on at her fathers home late at night. Judge Wall ordered her back to his house. My daughter told the truth in her first statement and then 5 days later recanted and blamed me and my friend. How convenient and why can no one see what is going on here. Three of my estranged husbands biological children have made statements of abuse of one kind or another at the hand of their father and no one finds this unusual? Since January 20th I have only seen and or spoken to my girls a hand full of times. The Parental Alienation that is being allowed to go on in this case will in no doubt destroy my girls emotionally for years to come not to mention the damage to the relationship between myself and my little girls. Judge Wall reads no reports, ignores PFA'S like she believes they are fake or something. Takes two little girls 8 &11 away from a Mother with no record, A mandate Reporter, Federal Criminal Clearances, State police criminal clearances and my 10 year look back for child abuse record with nothing on it. A good job and a mother who has never been found to be unfit by any agency of any kind. Judge Wall has interjected herself in several CYO open investigations in another county showing complete bias towards the Mother. She has police officers calling her from another county with updates if anyone is asking for the video statement Kevin Staiger made in June of 2015. Judge Wall has now ordered me the Mother to supervised visits because she believes there is something wrong with me because my 11 year old daughter was trying to access pornographic sites from her cell phone and Qustodio rejected her access and then notified the Mother of the un authorized activity. This happened on four different occasions. But apparently CYO in Chester County never wanted to see the evidence or speak to me as I was told Judge Wall spoke to the case worker and the investigation was closed and unfounded. Judge Wall never has hearings only conferences where she only hears half truths and she is known to side with the lawyers she is friends with and I would not have believed it but I am living it! I have had three MMP1-2 evaluations done by three different clinical forensic psychologist and not one report said I had any kind of mental illness. I have no history of mental illness instead of address my estranged husbands domestic violence and alcohol abuse which is clearly apparent in the police reports and noted in the Dr. evaluation. His Registered Child abuse record and why he lost custody of his daughter to CYO in Chester County she decides to listen to lies and smoke screen his attorney tells her and takes a president-ed bias position against me. Judge Wall has accused me of filing reports of sexual abuse against my estranged husband towards my girls but that is not accurate. My estranged husbands daughter accused him 7 years ago and CYO in Chester County believes he did it! His 20 year old adult son gave a 35 minute video audio statement with his friend in the room to a detective at T.E. but because he came back the next day with his father and recanted apparently I am to blame for the accusations. Judge Wall will allow no one to view the tape. Now my 11 year old daughter told a friend of mine that her dad is making her watch pornographic movies with him late at night but some how it is all my fault. I have the reports and how would an 11 year old little girl know four different porn sites by heart? All of this is just to unbelievable for me to comprehend so I decided to file a review because almost three months ago I lost my little girls and they no longer have any interaction with their Mother. Not to mention the financial hardship Judge Wall has ordered me to pay 340.00 a month for my children's therapy. Supervised visits which run anywhere from 40.00- 120.00 dollars with a two hour minimum. Also I have to pay child support now too. Not to mention paying my lawyer. All of this combined is now putting a serious financial hardship on me. Judge Wall ordered that if I don't follow her orders she will not even think about modifying the six month temporary order. I have told Judge Wall on several occasions I can not afford the therapy and why can't the girls go to therapy that is covered by my insurance? That is what was in the first order! I am writing this review because I hope something can be done to stop this travesty of epic proportions from taking children away from one parent or the other for long periods of time. This is only going to leave long term emotional scars that my girls will have to deal with for years to come. What kind of a person would put children through this and basically ban them from their mother and their other side of their family with no regard for the damage she is causing and continues to cause. I hope and pray that these injustices occurring to families in Montgomery County can be stopped before to many more families and children are scared emotionally for life. I will never be able to get back the time this Judge has taken away from myself and my girls. A Mothers prayer for hope and justice.


7838. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Kelly wall is most ugly judge . She dont to good job at all. I dont know why ourt will review every year their performance and treimincate their srvies if they don't have good rating from cases. She will help very much to lawyers and drag the cases for years to provide jutice it is toally unfair

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