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7444. other

Shame for not supporting women of domestic violence


7445. other

It bothered me as an ordinary citizen to see that this Judge released a domestic violence offender on bail, which enabled him to kill the same wife he was previously convicted of domestic violence against. It's a sad thing that this happened to her family and I'm very sad for them. I hope Judge Gilman is able to sleep well knowing that he played a major role in this tragic event.


7446. other

This judge should be REMOVED for allowing bail on a repeat and violent offender which resulted in the DEATH of the victim Tierne Ewing. Tierne had pleaded for protection against her violent husband and despite the husband's violent record of beating her up and attempted kidnappings, this judge decided that it was a good idea to let him off once more with low bail. Tierne was found shot in the head twice. Such irony that this judge talked in a Youtube video on why he should be elected to the bench and yet failed to meet his #1 obligation which was to protect the residents of his town. SHAME ON YOU JUDGE GILMAN! A PERSON'S LIFE WAS IN YOUR HANDS AND YOU FAILED TO PROTECT HER!


7447. other

What Gilman did should be a crime. Simply pulling him off the bench is to nice. He should be held accountable and face serious jail time. I firmly believe God will lay great vengeance upon Gilman.


7448. other

This judge failed to protect a victim of domestic violence. He should be prosecuted for her death and failing to do his job. Zero stars should be an option.


7449. other

Just watched crime watch daily and you let a man that abuses his wife and eventually killed her. you sir are responsible for her death!! You should be ashamed. You should resign.


7455. other

You caused a beaten womans death by allowing bail from her domestic abuser husband!!! You Better live with that for the rest of your sorry life and you will burn in hell alongside her POS husband!!!


7454. other

Shame on you for allowing this poor women to be treated like the abuse she endured didn't matter, hoping you get a lot of feed back from the entire country. If it were up to me you would be in jail!


7476. other

How is it that Judge Gilman has not been charged in the murder of Tierne Ewing?! He let Kevin Ewing, a violent offender who had guns, out on bail after he violated a restraining order, abducted, tortured & attempted to kill his wife! He is at the very least a facilitator & accessory. Judge Gilman's actions/inactions directly caused Tierne's murder! He has absolutely no place on the bench and deserves the punishment allowed to the fullest extent of the law. He is a disgrace to our justice system so why isn't anything being done about this? Even Judges are not above the law!


7483. other

This judge, Gary Gilman, is the most disgusting example of why women are dying everyday at the hands of these abusers. Tierney Ewing did not have to die, this judge is the reason she did. The laws were in place to protect her, this judge just didn't do his job. He needs to be thrown off the bench and charged with her death!!! He was the only person who was in a position to save her and he failed, this happens everyday in our country!!! I pray this man will enjoy this level of loss in his life as this poor family did in theres!!!


7788. other

My family have met with this judge before concerning my nephew years ago when he was only two/three years old. He was being abused by his father. The attorney presented a handful of photos and other sources of evidence that proved the abuse. However, the judge didn't believe it was an act of child abuse, even though the bruises in the shape of large fingerprints and marks on his arms and face prove otherwise.


7450. attorney (government, civil matters)

I just watched crime watch daily for judge Gilman to not protect that lady and allow her husband to get out of jail and eventually kill that lady is a disgrace. Your a judge and you see all the abuse that man did to that lady and you could care less. I hope someone in your family goes though something like that and a judge dies the same thing to your one ones. How do u look in the mirror knowing your responsible for the death of someone. Your not a judge your a piece of shit.


7451. other

You scum of earth bottom of the barrel if $hit.


7488. other

So this is how he protected his community!! Very sad. One day he will be judged based on his deeds.


7513. other

You should be disrobed. You are a menace and a disgrace to the system and to domestic violence victims everywhere.


8412. other

How is he still a judge? He should be held responsible for the death of a domestic violence victim he failed to protect. How does he sleep?


4413. attorney (private practice)

I believe he is the best Judge in Washington County. Fair, impartial, patient and willing to let you present your case the way you wish without rushing you along or making judgments on the merits ahead of time.


8413. other

A disgrace to all judges that try to help victims . He needs to learn how to recognize abuse victims .


8414. other

I just watched a show about a domestic violence case where this judge gave bail to the abuser, knowing he had just held his wife hostage for 12 days, beating her,tying a cord around her neck to his arm while he slept. Abusing her, torturing her threatening her etc. While he's on bail he found her and killed her!! I just wanted to say, "Shame on you"!! I don't know how u sleep at night, knowing u had a hand in her death!! Shame on you!!


8415. other

Just watch crime watch Daily this judge deserves to be tarred and feathered he does not deserve to wear the robe get him off the bench he is an idiot


8416. other

Can this judge be recalled for letting a woman be murdered by her abusive husband? Quite frankly he should be held as an accessory to murder.


8420. other

I can't believe i have to give this disgusting poor excuse for a judge 1 star. He doesn't deserve it. How this judge can justify letting off wife abusing low lifes that eventually murder their spouse is beyond me.


8418. other

You do not deserve to be a Judge, you are a misogynistic, self absorbed, immature male. Clarity needs to start to shine on the judges in the US that feel they are above the law. The only thing I have faith in is that there is a strength bigger than you, karma.


8431. other

I am sickened by this judge and feel he has blood on his hands in the case where he let a repeat offender of serious domestic abuse free on bail. This offender also broke his probation by carrying loaded weapons and had been a serious threat to his wife and society. Earlier heen arrested for making terrorist threat as well as theft charges. Judge Gillman refused the prosecutors plea to raise bail to an appropriate amount and/or keep this animal incarcerated until his trial! A 3rd grader could see the eminent danger this man posed on this woman, Any normal person could! Even with an ankle monitor or restraining order, we all know how this story goes! Everyone knows the repeat abuser will find a way especially when it's nearing the end and they are being backed into a corner. This story did nor have to end this way! Shame on you Judge Gillian! Shame on you for taking women's rights and lives and safety and putting them on the very back burner of your priority list. For someone who wants to keep your town so safe, you did a real poor job or if. You killed this woman if you ask me. I pray for the family of this poor woman and hope this new law made in her name will wake up the people who chose not to take this very serious issue of Domestic Violence seriously ! It is Time to protect Women!! Time to Protect the Victims and Not the Perpetrators !!!


8251. other

Judge Gilman is one of the most thoughtful persons there is, and someone who applies the laws that can be used to work with. The failure lies with a system of culture or sub-culture and law/law enforcement that failed in this county beyond his control. For example, Mr. Ewing had a gun that he used at a place of business in Meadowlands, PA to cause havoc earlier. That gun as well as all guns were supposed to be kept from him. Systemic failure. An ankle bracelet and GPS, that had to be removed by illegal means, which by the way is not easy to do, were added to the bail of $100,000. The reports declined to answer why these restrictions with electronic devices never worked. Again, another systemic failure, beyond the judge's control. Stop trying to scapegoat someone who did their job, when you know the fault lies elsewhere. For many Washingtoncountians, look in the mirror, and you'll see part of the problem. You know yourself, that many here are not the most principled people in the world, where the use of violence and threats thereof are commonplace, especially where there's no close police support. Also, why was there a law passed subsequently, called Tierne's Law, that was commented on by the assistant district attorney, that described it as a law that enables judges with more leverage to do more, if they were already given the authority to do as they saw fit. I'll tell you why. Because they didn't have the authority to do what YOU people wanted them to do. Place blame where it belongs, or don't blame at all.


8484. other

It's the system and shady crooked attorneys who make shit like this happen. The judge has to follow the guidelines and rules that are set already. It's not his fault for what happened. Anyone he bonds out could kill someone and how is the judge supposed to know if they r gonna commit a crime or not. It's the guys fault who shot her. You guys act like the judge did it,by your comments. I'm sure he is sick over this. It give him a break,nobody is perfect and how was he supposed to know he was gonna do that. U can't hold him forever and sooner or later he would of got to her somehow. Obviously he is a sick bastard. But I can't blame the judge at all. Keep up the great work judge.

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