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2782. other

I've always found Judge White to be extremely fair, compassionate, and incredibly smart. Yes, if you are rude and disrespectful to him or anyone in the courtroom, he will lecture you on proper decorum. He's big on common courtesy, and becomes impatient when people waste the court's time. I suspect that many of the posters on here did not act appropriately or are just annoyed that he didn't rule in their favor.


4332. attorney (public defender)

If you information of a any crime or suspicious activity, including Contra Costa Superior or John Sugiyama Probate Department, please contact the FBI, at: 415-553-7400 fbi.dallas@ic.fbi.gov phoenix@ic.fbi.gov san.francisco@ic.fbi.gov richmond@ic.fbi.gov portland@ic.fbi.gov seattle@ic.fbi.gov


983. attorney (private practice)

I find him to be diligent, conscientious, he does his homework, and he's too nice a guy to be doing family law work. Kind of old school in his demeanor. He's smart, street-wise and is learning the things it takes to be an excellent family law judge although I don't envision him staying in family law beyond his current rotation. He's a good judge.


4331. attorney (public defender)

Hopefully Judge White will help clean up the CORRUPTION and REAL ESTATE THEFT going on in the Judge Sugiyama Probate Department, where the proceedings are rigged and "just for show", and the outcomes are predetermined, contrary to the law and facts. FRAUD is committed against the property owners, and the property is embezzled, and concurrently converted to the "SUGIYAMA HEIST CREW".


654. party to case (pro se)

Judge White is impatient and does not appear to read the facts presented in his cases. He appears to be biased against women and makes many irrational decisions. He does not belong in the family court as he does not have the judicial temperament to make rulings in family cases. He is impatient and disrespectful particularly to pro se litigants and is chummy towards attorneys which is unfair to people who do not have attorneys. He seems to always rule against unrepresented WOMEN!


684. party to case (with attorney)

Does not appear to be prepared for cases, ie: he has not read the notes of the case. I have been in his court room 4 times, he comes across a little impatient. Some times he seems really grumpy and other times he can be kind to someone that appears to be suffering.


727. party to case (pro se)

Mr. White requests you to file volumes of paperwork for a case and then does not even read them. He just thumbs through them before making a ruling that will change your life! He is RUDE and makes remarks in which should have him removed from the bench and sent home. Yet he makes $178,000 for running a circus and threatening people with contempt charges if they question him!


1822. other

Judge White was an Alameda County DA, and his background shows in his hostile demeanor and lack of respect for pro se litigants. In Alameda County, he was the go to guy/hatchet man the DA's office would turn to when they had a case involving politicians. He was known for trying cases in the newspaper.


1952. party to case (pro se)

Judge White has NO business in family law, He is rude, continues and continues his cases. My case has NO business in long cause hearing, especially when courts are over booked, cases never settled.. I am going on two years for a change in financial circumstances. Factors are filed, this case should be heard in a 20min hearing and reviewed in judges quarters and decision mailed. This is the way it worked for my ex when he quit his six figure job and asked for relief 4 months after settling our MSA. People can become homeless before he hears a case. The only good comment here, I think is the Attorney for my ex. I show up every time for long cause hearing and docket has 10 cases to be heard. Long cause hearing = 3 to 4 hours, did they not teach math when this guy went to school. GET RID OF HIM!!!


2038. other

This Judge is short and impatient, has no time management, he should not be in family law. The cases I listened in on, he sighted with the side w/attorney even though stuff presented did not seam right. Not everyone is cut out to be a brain surgeon.


3478. party to case (pro se)

Trevor White lacks the basic compassion necessary to preside in family law. He is careless and destructive. He plays favorites and is impatient. His rulings seem to be baseless and out of left field. I have spoke to family law attorneys as well as litigants that have had cases heard by him and all agree that family law is not his strength!


5190. witness

I have turned over much incriminating info on John Sugiyama. Contact the SF Judicial Counsel to weigh in and hopefully get him indicted soon, before he commits another criminal act with his probate cronies who need to be turned into the Ca Bar immediately, to be debarred. He/they MUST BE STOPPED!


6562. party to case (pro se)

You were fair and could see what was going on when I couldn't I appreciate your not pre judging our case as the preceding judge had done.A fair unbiased honest judge who helps level the playing field is all one hopes for in a messy divorce thank you. They may have promised to have my money but it took another 3 years and they managed to claim duress ( :-)) so it wasn't over by a long shot it's been 1 year since I got pd 200.000 to start over from scratch he got hours toys and close to a million and a half stock market failed (he pd. Me in stocks) I lost over 60000. still trying to get out of the debt of 6 yrs. Of struggle he just got back from two wks in Europe with his girlfriend new cars each If you had been like others I would be in a homeless shelter or loony bin thank you


7061. attorney (private practice)

Judge White is fair, thoughtful, and smart. I always learn something from him.

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