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1890. party to case (with attorney)

This incompetent, civil miscreant should never have been seated as a commissioner, let alone assume the position of a judge. He continuously references his faith, and his personal beliefs. Which he hold above and beyond the law. How he remains as he has is incomprehensible and inconceivable to human comprehension. He should be disbarred for what he has done, and he should be seated in a small, simple 9' X 6' Cell for the reminder of his pathetic life.


4952. party to case (pro se)

HE SUCKED! I was completely unaware of all proceedings that the father was filing. His brother lied and said he served me and that never happened. My child and I moved to florida due to my Husbands job, which I told the father out of courtesy. Not because I was obligated but so he knew. (we were never married) and when I did he said he wanted to proceed with courts. I agreed and so the first case was dismissed because of his lack of responsibility to pay his fees. At which point I said to either refile or I'd be moving because time was of an essence. Nothing! no paper work, nothing was served to myself as they say. When I finally got wind of the court dates by a senior investigator I had court about four days later. Judge Wells was hesitant to even allow a CCRC because the father's attorney said I shouldn't be allowed since I moved and KNEW of all proceedings! At CCRC mediator was Pro Father as well. Mind you CCRC took place ONE day after the first court hearing. 3 hour time difference from FL to CA fathers attorney sent me all filed pleas at 8PM my time! giving me very little time for preparation for the CCRC the following day. CCRC was a waste of my time seeing as how she had seemed to have her mind made up from the beginning. I also felt cheated through it all because I was unable to retain an attorney with such little time! a week later we had court and Judge wells gave father sole custody with visitations on my behalf every few months for two freaking weeks! So now I have my attorney who is costing me an arm and a leg to undo all of this. Judge wells should not be allowed to make rulings in family law. My daughter is 3 years old and has only lived with the father while he and I were together for a year. since our split he has not supported her, has made little effort to spend time with her, on his days he would drop her off at his mother's house, and my daughter would come home complaining how he would not feed her all day, or change her out of her PJ's! When I mentioned all of that to the courts they still ruled over custody to the father. Seriously try your best to switch judges if possible. I have about three weeks to undo all this crap before the father comes and picks up my child who also refuses to speak to him when he calls her.


7149. other

There is an online campaign to smear Judge Wells. The main reason seems mostly to be that he considers the facts of each case rather than automatically siding with the female like most other judges when the sides are different genders. Judge him and disagree with him if you wish but try to do so using facts and an objective mind rather than your own political biases and internet memes.


5586. party to case (pro se)

Reads nothing, makes ridiculous comments and judgements


7610. other

The judge has a job to do, which is to make decisions that are very tough for him, but in the best interest of the child. He has not been doing this for several years because he hates his job. Unfortunately, had you all done your part as parents and bypassed the bickering and hostility with your spouse or significant other then you would not even be in this position. Think civil and try to work it out before running to the courts, not because its whats best for your child, but because you want to do what you can to retaliate against your s/o. Thank you Judge Dale Wells for your service and commitment and taking on the burden of making appropriate decisions in the children's best interest because vindictive parents fail to!


5603. attorney (public defender)

ATTENTION-IMPORTANT: If you have information of a crime or suspicious activity, including events taking place within a judicial proceeding, judicial corruption, obstruction of justice, witness, evidence, or jury tampering, or illegal asset and monetary seizure, embezzlement, or conversion, please contact the FBI, at: 415-553-7400 fbi.dallas@ic.fbi.gov phoenix@ic.fbi.gov san.francisco@ic.fbi.gov richmond@ic.fbi.gov portland@ic.fbi.gov seattle@ic.fbi.gov or the US Securities and Exchange Commission (703) 813-9322 fax, saltlake@sec.gov sanfrancisco@sec.gov newyork@sec.gov denver@sec.gov losangeles@sec.gov miami@sec.gov


6533. witness

My wife and I have been together for 12 years. My wife's daughter in now 14. My step daughters father is a straight up sociopath, that has been stalking us since we have been together. My wife filed for divorce 5 years before we met, but was met in the parking lot of the court house by her abusive ex each time she attempted to appear. my lovely step daughter was unfortunately a product of domestic rape. In may of 2015 her ex filed a restraining order against her without cause and filed false proof of service. how incredibly lucky we were to find Judge OTIS sitting on the case, who actually read our statements and promptly threw the case out. now, to my absolute horror, Dale Wells has resumed his campaign of terror in 2J. We check public access website daily waiting for her ex to once again begin his lying bulls#it, and we live in constant fear that we will once again be forced to appear before the criminal Dale Wells


7624. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Dale Wells is a sick evil man that when coupled together with the Law firm Adams, Clark and Clark, has destroyed thousands of children's lives. These good ole boys need a full investigation. The amount of money that flows through their finger tips is outrageous. They force you to pay for their 730 evaluator, Diana Herrington. Their Attorney Ad Litem Donald B. Griffith, to represent the children. Even the attorney you hire can be traced back to working with this corrupt team. It's a sad devastating reality that you are forced to live. You reach out for help. You try to expose the corruption. You read thousands of complaints and yet it continues on and on. It truly is heartbreaking. I pray someday to read that Justice has been served.


7632. attorney (public defender)

You can protect the JUSTICE System and oppose obstructions of JUSTICE. Demand JURY TRIALS be provided, TO SWEEP THESE ACTS OF WRONGDOING WITH THE JUSTICE OF THE GRAND JURY. With enough persistence you should be able to obtain a mailing address, email address, and/or fax number for a sitting grand jury in your area. Send your evidence presentment in all possible means, ASAP. Any person that tells you that you do not have the right to present knowledge of WRONGDOING to your district grand jury is acting in contradiction to law, and aiding and abetting, adhering, giving comfort to enemies (and enemy forces, organized crime) of this country and United States. If you have knowledge of what you believe to be wrongdoing/crimes, immediately report that evidence to your nearest grand juries ASAP, and law enforcement, local, state, and federal (district attorney, police, sheriff, state attorney General, FBI, securities and exchange commission, US Marshall service, etc. etc.)


835. party to case (with attorney)

stay away if you are a mom needed help. this judge is out of control! He said we'd have therepeutic counseling visits to introduce dad at counselor's discretion and now he says that i have to tell counselor to speed it up! since when is that my job? since when is that the judge's job? should that be left up to the mental health practitioner??? He is not looking out for the mental health of my child! Only what dad wants-which is everything right NOW!


1039. party to case (pro se)

Pray to God you don't get Wells if you need a DVRO. The temporary order was granted by a different judge, but even though I had pictures, declarations, sheriff's reports and "i(s) dotted and t(s) crossed" & Wells read the case, Wells DENIED the Restraining Order at hearing. I was told we were family (siblings) and needed to get along. The other party never denied any of the violence including the use of a firearm. He was represented by an out of town attorney. Thank God for Judge Olsen, I asked again and I received a 5 year DVRO. When the other party tried to get it dismissed (by telling the court it was my request for dismissal) I was horrified that I might have to appear before Wells again. Judge Olsen denied the request for dismissal.


1233. party to case (with attorney)

I am thankful everyday judge wells was able to read between the lines. He does not take every filing at face value and he was able to see through my ex husbands lies and nonsense. My ex was using my son as a pawn to hurt me and for his own financial gain and judge wells corrected the situation. He did care about my sons best interest and I am sorry he no longer is in family law.


1319. party to case (pro se)

I agree. "Happy Mom" is a fake poster. There is no way that Judge Wells took you at face value. He called me a "gold digger" and yet I never got one penny of child support. He said that dad was like King Solomon in splitting the child with a sword. How wonderful DAD was! Disgusting! Judge Wells didn't listen to the facts of the case and misapplied the statue of the law. He brings his religion into the court room-what about separation of Church and State?!


1327. party to case (pro se)

This judge stole my child from his home, the only home my son knew for the last 4 years of his life, I was never given a reason as to why, no best interest of the child, nothing.when I attempted to fight it, he wouldnt even hear what I had to say. Thankful he left family law, but he deserves to be in jail, and rot in the hell he created.


1900. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Wells should be removed from the bench. Would someone please run against him? Or if you've had issues with him-file a complaint to the Judicial Council of CA? This man will continue to ruin lives without either being removed from the bench due to a challenger or by the Judicial Council. Isn't it against his Cannons (ethics set by the State) to site religious passages in his courtroom? I believe its also against his Cannons to yell, dehumanize, and degrade litigants like he does!


2065. party to case (pro se)

When a board member, John Weiser in my HOA hit me with a car while I was on foot Cathedral City Police, Laura Hanlon refused to arrest him. I had burses and was very shaken Judge Wells refused to give me a restraining order -- guess not enough "blood on the floor!"


2066. party to case (pro se)

When a board member, John Weiser in my HOA hit me with a car while I was on foot Cathedral City Police, Laura Hanlon refused to arrest him. I had burses and was very shaken Judge Wells refused to give me a restraining order -- guess not enough "blood on the floor!"


2298. party to case (with attorney)

Please...someone run against this Judge. He needs to be removed from the bench. I have court transcripts where he discusses "splitting the child with the sword of Soloman" after domestic violence was discussed. It was sick. Plus, Judge Wells' should check his religion at the door and stop stating that he is making decisions like GOD. This man is pure EVIL!


2880. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Dale R. Wells has been playing God on the bench since the first day he sat. The fact that he preaches in a Church sends chills through my heart. He has spent many years granting orders in favor of his Good ole boys (attorney's) clients. The Mediators, 730 Evaluators, the minor's counsel, the Private Detectives and the threat assessment team are all there rolling in your dough. This Evil group deals in court corruption daily without regard to the children involved. I prayed for it to end and still do. This group makes a farce out of the Justice system.


3491. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Wells is a pompous jerk that believes that he is God. He makes religious remarks in his court room and feels that he knows best. He does not show litigants respect as his position and Cannons require of him. He spits and turns red in the face during trial--how is that showing impartiality? Or temperance? He is supposedly a family law expert? Ha! He didn't know the basics of child abandonment with prima facia evidence. Someone needs to upseat this man from the bench.


4308. party to case (with attorney)

At an exparte hearing, where mom (me) was never served, my attorney of record was not present, Judge (2003 then commissioner Wells) asked if mom had been served. He was told a voice mail was left on my mothers phone(which was not in service at that time). He.asked for my attorney and was told she was down the hall and asked that she be retrieved. A woman (the family law facilitator was brought in (the position commissioner Wells held when my divorce began in 2001.) She stood in front of the court and said she was not representing me but was appearing on my behalf(without my knowledge and without my knowledge of a hearing either). The then commissioner Wells asked her for permission to proceed with the hearing on my behalf, she agreed and then left the courtroom. During this hearing, I was deemed an unfit parent, claiming I abandoned my then 6 and 8yo, that I was bi-polar (they had tried this a year earlier and I had brought a letter(that was on file in our case) from my psychiatrist that treated me for clinical depression, that I did not have bipolar disorder and never have had it, that I took my meds responsibly and that I was never hospitalized as ex husbands attorney claimed)and that the children were in danger. Without my knowledge this all happened and Dad was given immediate temporary full custody and an order was made for the district attorney to retrieve my children. I had been in court for 2 years prior to this hearing being told by opposing counsel that she would draw out this case until I was broke or the children were 18. My youngest is now 18 and the fear of losing my children again has finally ended. It took 3 years to get custody of my kids back and it did not happen through the court. Dad remarried and took new wife and her 3 children out of state without notify the court. Dad had been ordered to pay $20 a month child support which ended before both children were 18 because Riverside county would not respond to requests by child support enforcement in another county. This judge caused my children to be physically and sexually abused by dads attorney and her husband while he lived in his attorneys residence (against a court order, living with your lawyer, a clear conflict of interest). My daughter was raped by this attorneys husband and at 8 years old told her therapist in front of her father that she wanted to go to heaven now. When asked how she planned to do this, she said she was going to run in front of a car. This therapist was so intimidated by this attorney (Carol Adams of Indio law practice) because she was in the process of a divorce and had a 4 yo son) that she would not give her notes to the court. I was in the room also when y daughter said this. My children hav3e been irreconcilably damaged beyond repair and reading about this Judge and that he is still working with attorneys' Jennifer Clark and her mother Carol L. Adams cuts me to my very core. Judge Wells very well knows that the Bible says if anyone should hurt a child would be better off to have a "millstone" tied around his neck and tossed into the depths of the sea because in Gods eyes this is a terrible offense. Harmless, helpless little children, many, many of them by now I am convinced taken a way from loving Mothers(and a few dads in several cases), because dad does not want to pay child support and is angry. I know this because at that time, I was one of more than 10 in a group who had been called horrible names by attorneys while my attorney, well paid I might add sat there and said whoever speaks the least wins, a clear lie, and I lost everything I loved and that was precious to me while dad who never wanted the kids mistreated them and spit on them and called them names and told them he hated them, lied to the court under oath and was believed and given custody. Why this is still going on is beyond me but God is the ultimate judge and he claims "Vengeance is mine". I could never inflict on these people, therapist, commissioners, judges family law facilitators, court ordered psychiatrist, evaluators, what God has in store for them. It is out of my hands.


7241. party to case (pro se)

The post from December 8th specifying an online smear campaign originates from a fake poster who does not have any real life experience with "Judge" Wells as a judicial officer in any capacity. "Judge" Wells is one of the worst, corrupt and biased judicial officers on the bench who abuses the court for personal gain to terrorize litigants at length without any respite. "Judge" Wells refuses to abide by the statutory code in any capacity and corrupts family law according to his own twisted, immoral and biased view point. "Judge" Wells uses false allegations against parties based on his "own information and belief" without specifying the source of said information and belief and states these as fact and law. Judge Wells refuses to adhere to any domestic violence standard unless parties are represented by favorite attorney and wants litigants to live in fear refusing to let go of any court case. "Judge" Wells proclaims that he is the only one capable of keeping parties in line with out of control court rulings that fail to adhere to any standard under the law, viciously lashing out at target parents rather than applying the equal protection standard under the law. Judge Wells' favorite tactic is to let court documents disappear and to force domestic violence victim in contact with their abusive ex-spouse despite a permanent restraining order with a 100 yard stay order. The court needs to assume control of "Judge" Wells so that the public has confidence in the judicial integrity and system, rather than the absolute mockery that currently prevails.


7969. other

Gave me justice and recognised the laws accordingly. I was so afraid of his ruling because I had switched court rooms and the first judge wanted me to do a life sentence. Judge Dale Wales gave me 3 years with half for my criminal threat and assault where I shoved someone doing no damage. God bless this judge who is giving justice to people.


8659. other

This judge does not do his research on the cases he is provided, he allows witnesses to take the stand without being on a witness list or providing notice to the petitioner/respondent, he basis his decision off of false information and puts child's lives in danger. He should not be a man of the law. There were no options for zero stars.


8947. party to case (pro se)

Judge wells is a sick man who is incompetent to judge family matters. He has allowed my illegal immigrant ex who is an attorney who he sees everyday to abuse the legal system while he has ignored real evidence of fraud and abuse. Unfit to sit on the bench.


8985. party to case (with attorney)

This is a corrupt and dangerous Judge. He should not be on the bench. The community has turned a blind eye to him and his deceitful way of taking children away from Their Mothers. He takes joy in this. He does it under Jusicial discretion which is broad, difficult to overturn, or you have to hire the "right" attorney in town and spend tens Of thousands to try to get your kids back. Which he fails to disclose that Wells has worked with these attorneys per his Cannons of "conflict of interest" but, no one oversees him. Instead he has his favorite attorneys That he goes to legal conferences in Hawaii with and that he has worked with personally and says that he "mentors." He is a mysogonist, he is a Republican (look who appointed him to the Bench), and a right wing conservative that preaches from His seat In Indio like he does from his own Church on Sunday. Be careful.

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