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5548. other

Judge Wagoner has a couple CJP complaints and is one of the worst judges in California. This guy is an ass. Recuse hi at all cost using a peremptory challenge is you get stuck with him.


6876. party to case (pro se)

Judge Wagoner is crazy. He told me that I was an alcoholic. When I asked him how he came to that conclusion, he held the case file above his head and told me, "the entire case file tells me you're an alcoholic". He speaks to the files, and that's how he rules.


8545. party to case (with attorney)

Wagoner utterly lacks any sense of due process (let alone common sense right and wrong). I have repeatedly witnessed him ignore the Code of Civil Procedure, i.e. simply make up the rules as he goes. He doesn't listen or read or care. I used to work for a fine and truly honorable judge, but Wagoner isn't worthy of his titles or office. Shameful!


702. other

At a Ex Parte hearing yesterday this judge took away my visitation of my child when this was net what we at court for. This is a clear case of Gross Injustice. He states to me that he had looked over this case file last week on Wednesday before going on vacation for Thanksgiving, 5 day had passed so how clear could this case be after that long of a time. He didn't even know what prexisting orders were. How can a judge that knows nothing about this case make an order when not all parties involved were not even present? I blows my mind that they can just make things up as they wont. Ms Carman has commited Perjury and slander and has been in contempt over and over and has child full time. No justice for the father. i feel that this judge is not following the mission statement of El Dorado County.


705. other

I feel that this judge is not fair at all when you only look at one side of a story you not upholding the mission statement of El Dorado County. It seems to be that the system is not there to fair when they will just here the story of a person who has been proven to lie to get her way. So if I was to just make things up its ok? To brake the law and get away with it over and over and the system will give you whatever you ask for ,were is the justice? It seems that if you wont to get anwere you just need to make things up and it will be fine. Whene you swear in as a judge I didn't think that you only look at one side of a story but thats how the El Dorado court system seems to work. I have been beat down by am unjust system. Father with no parenting time when all I wonted was a few more hours a week so I could plan things with my child without her mom telling me no everytime I pland something.


5281. attorney (private practice)

I fought a speeding ticket in El Dorado recently. Somehow Judge Wagoner was my judge, even though he seems to be a criminal justice judge. I roasted the officer on the stand, who admitted that he may have radared a different car and had no proof of his reading. The Judge didn't listen to anything I had to say before finding me guilty. When reading his verdict he admitted that he used to be a cop and rambled on for 10 minutes about how this gives the cops credibility somehow. I can't believe an ex cop is overseeing traffic citation hearings! He seemed like he was there to represent the cop as to he was making speaking objections to statements made by me and my witness.


5288. other

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