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2813. party to case (pro se)

Mar of Mullins D523959/DS33307 RFO 3-20-14, Judge Lewis called my separated wife at home, told her to come to court, and proceeded ex parte to take off calendar all my pleadings scheduled at that time. I was authorized a telephone appearance, had called the court, but my calls were not accepted by courtroom. The contact telephone on the telephone appearance was not called by court. The pleadings scheduled to be heard were the illegal spousal support, awarding both CA houses to spouse, and division of pensions. Two hundred dollars per month is still being deducted from my US Navy retirement "indefinite" because of this judge's orders. Why a person would do this is a mystery to me. However, on this Fourth Of July weekend, I still have faith in the United States of America Justice System. I will be reimbursed for the illegal spousal support and one of my California houses will be returned to me.


7486. party to case (pro se)

Last payment of $200 per month spousal support arrearages paid 4-29-15 for a total of $53,000+ to my separated spouse. She was awarded an ability to earn of $1,500 per month by judge Timothy Taylor OSC 3-12-07. Tax reported to IRS 2004 was $34,215. Gross was $47,000+. I believe the Paul had shingles.


8421. party to case (pro se)

This Fourth of July will be the eleventh since I was unceremoniously kicked out of my home 2-6-07. More than$70,000 paid in lawyer fees, $50,000 spousal support/alimony/spousal support arrearages, and lost of almost one million dollars in CA real property. I am still fighting for the return of my stuff. Why apparently honorable people would be silent while this miscarriage of justice continues is bewildering to me. Then, I see cops are found not guilty in the obvious murder of young black youths lead me to believe that this is the norm. I vivid remember the Emmett Till case, the murder of the Civil Rights students, and the three innocent girls in church bombed and killed. When most of the Civil Rights movement was at it's highest, I was serving in the US Navy outside the United States. In retrospect, I was defending a way of life that did not serve my best interest. However, I did my duty as I saw it at the time. In 1963, I even won a contest the Fourth of July that year. The theme was "Why I am proud to be an American". I don't know what I wrote, but I had an opportunity to join the Admiral's staff. Don't think I would place, if I was tasked to write on a similar subject today. Thanks to judges, lawyers, hired staff, and cops. I was even suspended for 30 days without pay based on a fraudulent police report. The testimony at the Civil Service Commission appeal hearing verified that the report was made up. However, the Commission upheld the suspension. The declarations needed for domestic violence temporary restraining order and order for removal from residence are missing from the official D523959 record. At an ex parte hearing 1-18-07, the hearing judge denied/not signed at order to show cause 2-6-07, legal fees, spousal support, and Pay her car insurance. I am at a loss how my coping skills have deserted me. For some reason, I still believe I will get my money back and houses returned.

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