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2388. attorney (private practice)

The above comments have no basis in fact from what I have personally experienced in my over 39 years of civil litigation in Los Angeles County Superior and municipal courts (now merged). I too have litigated many complex cases and did one in front of Judge Duffy-Lewis this past year. I found her to be exceptionally well prepared on the law and pending motions. She was appreciated by all involved, especially the jury. And I lost the case! Her demeanor was excellent and made it a nice experience for all six of the lawyers involved, considering the contentious atmosphere at trial. The above lawyer sounds like a typical attorney who lost and is blaming te judge but not himself! Not only did he not prevail in the matter but probably was responsible for over billing his client resulting in an attorney-client fee dispute. Competent lawyers settle most of thier cases while those with "throw away" clients bill and lose. Just a sad fact. She was an excellent experienced trial judge who would not put up with lawyer antics we have all seen being practiced now a days, unfortunately. I highly reccomend her if you are lucky enough to get assigned to her.


2371. attorney (private practice)

During a long case, Judge Duffy-Lewis refused to make substantive rulings on anything (including the entry of a protective order), refused to grant summary judgment following the discovery cut-off because the opposing party "didn't know" whether there were facts to oppose it, and denied an unopposed ex-parte application by one of a pair of attorneys to withdraw from the representation of one client. As of the first day of a scheduled month-long trial, she had not read any in limine motion, did not know who the parties were--even whether they were individuals or corporations, and "had not gotten her head around" the case. She multiplied the cost of the litigation enormously while resolving nothing.


8807. attorney (private practice)

I have known and appeared before this judge on numerous matters including both court and jury trials for many years. She is a two time Fullbright Scholar, an intellectual heavy weight, so I hardly think the two negative comments on this site have any credibility and they sound like an angry jealous court employee and a lawyer who lost his case probably because of his incompetence. In my appearances before her I found her to always be prepared to rule, was well versed in the law and the facts of the case and is not afraid to dress down nasty angry lawyers who appear on law and motion matters, which is more frequent than one would expect. Her demeanor towards lawyers and litigants has always been above reproach and her pleasant demeanor makes doing a trial in her court a pleasure even under stressful conditions. By the way, I have lost cases in her court but always felt my clients had a fair opportunity to present their case. You cannot predict what a jury will do but her rationale and rulings in a complicated court trial was well established in fact and law. If you have a chance to do a trial in her court, consider yourself lucky. The negative comment above proves my point!


8946. other

OMG she settled our case today The otherside never spoke to us and were very uncooperative I would take her anytime We are Very relieved


9051. party to case (with attorney)

I was the plaintiff in a complex employment and sexual harassment matter. I found Judge Duffy-Lewis to be very compassionate, understanding and extremely fair to me and my attorney. She let us put on our case and try it to the jury. The other side was very tough on me and she let them present their arguments to the jury regardless. I found her to be prompt, always starting her court at 8:30am and working until 5 pm each day of trial. Other people who had matters in her court seemed to be treated with the same courtesy and fairness. My attorney told me she was a very smart judge on the law and procedure and from what I saw, I agree. Because of her extra work and effort the case was settled before the jury made a decision. I would recommend her to anyone with a case like mine.


8746. attorney (private practice)

I have known Maureen for many years, she is the worst judge in Stanley Mosk. She won't make decisions and causes so much grief for the litigation process. She enjoys half days with the afternoon usually taken off on tax payer's dime to do personal career networking events. I wish she would retire sooner rather than later.

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