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4993. witness

Not only is she ugly from the outside she even uglier on the inside. I've witness Downing make order with no evidence taking children from loving parents. She also laughs about it. She doesn't deserve to be on the stand. She need to be thrown in jail. Downing you are very Ugly just like your laws.


3555. party to case (with attorney)

The system converts children into cash which destroys families and their lives. Families are forcibly separated from their children based on unsubstantiated or outright false allegations of child abuse. Children in child protective services (CPS) have been abused, wounded, brain washed, drugged, adopted out and some have even died. Marguerite Downing ordered to detain all 3 of my children at Edmund Eldermans Children's Courthouse without any substantial proof based only on false allegations. Marguerite Downing your judicial system is corrupt & detaining children for bonus checks to keep your so called "job" in business is outrageous & against the law! Shame on you Marguerite "downer" My children are not paychecks!


4992. witness

Not only is she ugly from the outside she even uglier on the inside. I've witness Downing make order with no evidence taking children from loving parents. She also laughs about it. She doesn't deserve to be on the stand. She need to be thrown in jail. Downing you are very Ugly just like your laws.


7460. witness

This Judge is abusing the authority of the bench Marguerite " Diaper " Downing is #8 on the LIST OF CORRUPT JUDGES Google corrupt judges see for yourself!!


904. witness

Been a witness to what this judge is doing to the Henderson family. You listen to her and you can tell she doesn't care what happens to the 7 Henderson kids. The parent's have done everything asked. If she knows they have supporters the room she is a good judge. The moment people are not watching she turns. She knows the kids want to go home. She know some of the kids have been abused in foster homes. She knows the kids should not have been taken. The caller to DCFS about the kids, said on the stand she was lying about abuse and the kids were in a fine home. None of the DCFS state any abuse from the parents. She doesn't care. She is also never on time. She makes up laws. She doesn't follow the laws in place. When the parent's tried to tell her this she got mad. She is not listening to any of the reports from DCFS.


1268. party to case (pro se)

This Judge is a criminal acting under cover of law. Has no respect for the law herself, she should practice what she enforces. Violates the law herself, makes orders with out any evidence precented, modifies the wording on the trancripts, does not allow the parents to present any argument in their defense. Protects the real criminals, that are distroying children and entire families. This Judge should be incarcerated along with her acomplices. Perhaps then she may fallow the law herself. She should be removed from the bench, her orders places children in great emotional and physical harm. As she has cover up the sexual abuse of the attorney Steven L. Boortz sexualy abusing my daughter while under the protection of the department. A true criminal on the bench.


1367. party to case (with attorney)

I agree. Bonuses incourage this judge to take children that dont need to be removed. Shame on you, Downing your name says it all.


2674. other

This judge is the worst judge on the face of the planet


3554. witness

All the reviews on this judge are true. Magarite Downer is a evil judge. Did not care for children's shake, just for her bonuses. This horrible person should be fired.


6269. other

schwarzenegger is an idiot for announcing this selfish judge. Karma is going to bite you in the @ss and when it does we'll all be laughing!


7658. other

I'm a DCFS social worker and have worked closely with thousands of families. My colleagues and I generally take the job because we want to help families in need, and protect kids from abuse and neglect. People have to recognize that social workers are also parents; some are adopted, some have adopted kids, some have terrible ex-partners who are criminals, some who have been abused themselves, some are kind and donate their time and money to help families, and some are unfair, just like people in any other profession. Most DCFS staff who write reports for the court consult with their bosses and follow guidelines which protect kids first, and hopefully keep them at home, or send them home to safe parents whenever possible. If judges determine that DCFS doesn't make a good argument for a specific recommendation, the judges go against DCFS. If the judges determine that DCFS followed the law and offered appropriate services to parents who want to correct a serious situation but failed, then sometimes the judges have to keep the children away those parents and allow the children to be placed in permanent safe homes. I've watched dozens of judges preside over hearings over my 20 years at DCFS. I don't know Judge Downing well, but what I've seen so far is a judge who follows the rule of law in dependency cases. She's seems fair from my observation; in fact, she's been overly liberal to some of the parents on cases where she should have been more cautious, I believe. She does respond to evidence by DCFS that her rulings should be modified to further protect kids, and she also agrees with recommendations to send kids home when DCFS demonstrates that the parents made good progress.


7967. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Downing is a criminal. It is clear the DCFS employee who gave her a 4 star doesn't know this Judge well or has not observed her. My observation and experience with Judge Downing is that she has perverted the law, is corrupt, does not take her oath to upload the law seriously because she Orders that kids be taken and kept from non criminal parents who have never abused their children, terminate their parental rights, asserts Orders where she has no Jurisdiction to do so, disregards challenges to her jurisdiction when asserted in the courtroom she sits in, Department 407. When I challenged her lack of jurisdiction over me she ran into her chambers, instead of facing the fact that she has limited jurisdiction, limited to factual and actual child abuse, abandonment and neglect that takes place by unfit parents that reside in Los Angeles County only. Judge Downing misuses her position like a corrupt politician, abusing her judicial power, patten cases, disregarding facts, disregarding fundamental and archaic law of a citizen right to represent themselves, forcing appointed attorneys to represent parents that do not want or need appointed attorneys, but instead need and deserve respect as their children parents and respect as citizens who have unalienable rights, including the right to self representation. Judge Downing is bias, prejudice and suffers from what can only be coined as colorism. Whenever I challenged her or report her to chief officers or the judicial performance board, she wasn't reprimanded, so it is not only her, it is a group of Judges like her that are politically connected and therefore rules that apply to the rest of us don't apply to them. She refused to recuse herself when a motion of bias was asserted,she talk to parties involve in the case outside of the court,she do favors for friends and alumni, she has strong connections that will not remove her from your case. they will either deny your motion or find it in her favor. She made comments on the Record about her having knowledge and notice of the federal case I filed against her and still wasn't removed from the case, that how deep her political affiliations go. She stated on the Record that my federal case against her and other named defendants was being dismissed before it was ever dismissed and then it was dismissed after her comment. Judge Downing denies good faith, meritous 388 motions of parents who are just trying to get their kids home. She doesn't care if there is a change in circumstances because her loyalty is not to the duty of Judge, but to her personal friends and upholding their agendas. She removes appointed attorneys that fight for your rights from your case and say they have found another job and appoint you who she want to represent you,she show favoritism towards appointed attorneys she likes or has a special relationship with,she disregard common sense, she disregard marsden hearings, she have knowledge of social workers committing perjury and allow civil disobedience of social workers and similar parties in her court room,she favor social workers over parents, she allow grandparents and social worker to continue to lie and file last minute reports every time there is a upcoming court date, she disregard previous court orders, disrespecting the rulings of previous judges, she do not want to hear about abuse from the people where she allow children to be placed,she deny evidence saying not timely when a parent present evidence, but allows when county counsel to present last minute information often. When parents object Judge Downing permission of last minute reports, she will say on record the opposing counsel can admit the last minute report now or she will continue the Case allowing the last minute report to be admitted as timely, setting another date for a parent to come to Court, doing this does not give the parent time to prepare, nor is it fair. She adds restraining order against parents when she have no knowledge of any threat, no evidence of any threats, and a witness who come forward to say that it was he who talk to the social worker, not the parent, and that in that conversation there was no threat made, but still grant a restraining order in the same case she is presiding over, prohibiting objectivity and justice to have it space,she tell you who you can and cannot subpoena, when a alleger comes forward who made a call alleging that a case should be opened against me, Judge Downing held court over until the end of the day so the party alleging I was abusive to my child didn't testify, claiming the individual had become ill and when my appointed attorney asserted that the person should be summon back to court to testify and be cross examined, judge downing did not respect the subpoena nor did she do a body attachment to the alleger. judge downing consistently abused her discretion as a judge and would blame it on my appointed attorney that she forced to represent me. Judge Downing called me and my wife hopeless after a social worker lied on us and she knew he was lying but refused to take phone records and emails from my appointed attorney to prove the social worker was lying. Judge Downing allow social worker to make assessments about your behavior who never observe you with your children and who is not qualified to do so, Judge Downing disregard the CSW comment who observe you with your children when things are reported great about the visitation, Judge Downing give me, a man that has no criminal history or criminal record, a 52 week court ordered case plan when i never abused, abandoned or neglected any of my children, only to state at the completion of the program that I haven't learned anything. Her comments directly contradict the counselor who certified me and is licensed in the field comments and certificate of completion. the counselor made positive comments of progress and the counselor stated to return my children to my care and custody. Judge Downing disregard completion and certificate and make her own findings and go off the social worker recommendation having knowledge that the csws dislike the biological parents and never observed a visit. Beware of this Judge she appear to be a black woman who cares about her community but fact shows she care about nothing but friends,alumni, political affiliations, and colleagues. Judge Downing break the law and nothing is done about it. she do not care about children safety, its a lie she tell herself. she care nothing about a bond between biological parents and their children the truth is this Judge is a Monster. She care nothing about middle class or poor people doesn't matter if you White,Black,Latino,or Asian ask the Hendersons and Williams Family. she care about status and money, that it. Judge Downing can be found on Youtube talking about second chance for women who has been incarcerated but you have not the first chance in her courtroom when it comes to your parental rights. how inhumane is Judge Margurite Downing? she is the most inhumane person i have ever met in my life. I have facts on everything I have stated here today thats why i post my name with pride. I never abused my children never been arrested,documented everything between social worker,attorneys and Judge Downing, I completed three case plans two in Alabama and a 52 week in California all have said return my children to my care and custody but Judge Downing feel that she justified by terminating my parental rights after I been fighting this unjust system for 6 years to get my children home. I won't stop until the system that she abuse turn in lock her up for corruption,kick back,favoritism,fraud,abuse of power,being bias,refuse to recuse herself,unconstitutional acts,civil rights violation and constitutionals violations.


8311. attorney (government, criminal matters)

this judge is acusing me of stuff with no evidence. does any one know how to switch judges in fam court. because my baby moma dates black guys she is on her side. i dont have a chance to get my kids back while she is my judge


9191. party to case (with attorney)

Mathew 5:44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. So no matter she has done to you still love her. And remember God is and God can.

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