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447. other

Not that legally bright or at least pretends not to be so as to justify her rulings for the parties she believes to have more political power.


541. party to case (with attorney)

Agree with over reviews...also she has ex parte communications with attorneys over the phone, via her clerk, etc...She tries to come off as fair and impartial but definitely is not...she definitely has her favorites...i.e those she believes to have more political power.


612. attorney (private practice)

When she was a criminal judge in Pasadena, the courtroom staff, such as the courtroom clerk, city attorneys, etc., ran the courtroom and her....in short her courtroom was a circus. I also have to agree that she disfavors the underdog and/or the unrepresented party and is really not interested in justice being served....she seems to be mainly concerned in protecting her cushy job...I feel sorry for the average unrepresented person appearing in her courtroom...Also if you call her courtroom in Pasadena after 2pm on any given day it went to voice-mail or no one answered....seemingly all the courtroom staff goes home when there are no cases for the judge to hear...Also her courtroom clerk isn't very pleasant..


1847. other

This judge works in Unlawful Detainer Court Room 723 Stanley Mosk Courthouse. She has gone from Criminal then to Parking and now rules on Evictions, all in a very short period of time. I know some people know everything but as a former worker in her courtroom the ladies outside passing out flyers know more about the law then her.


815. attorney (private practice)

All the other reviews are accurate...this is probably the reason she was transferred from her role as a criminal judge in Pasadena to a traffic judge in downtown L.A.....The way some judges "practice" law is an absolute disgrace..... especially in Southern California....talk about well hidden corruption....


3637. witness

Incompetent and corrupt judge. She looks after her own political interests because after all, it was her political connections and not her legal knowledge that got her elected back in 2000, and meanwhile she continues to sit and be a part of what's wrong with our legal system. Acts like she knows the law but she can't substantiate even the most elementary ruling...


7191. attorney (private practice)

Totally agree with the negative reviews about Judge Christian, corrupt, disfavors the underdog, etc...I think she might have gotten scolded about her ways, so now she may try to make illogical rulings for the "underdog". If she just followed the letter and the spirit of the law, she wouldn't have to resort to "favoritism", etc.. This is a systematic problem in our court system which is echoed in the documentary Divorce Corp. (Netflix)...Divorce Corp mainly talk about family law and the family courts all across america, but this problem exists in all our courts . It also talks about how complaints about judges to California's Commission on Judicial Performance essentially are ignored/dismissed by the Commission.


814. witness

I accompanied a friend to court. I was his witness. The officer agreed with everything I said and the judge smiled as if she agreed with me and my friend. Then the judge ruled and found me guilty. Outside the officer came up to me and said he felt bad because he thought my friend was not guilty after hearing my side of the story. Needless to say this judge is worthless. She has no other words to say except "guilty." She does not know the meaning of "not guilty" and I feel sorry for anyone who appears in front of her.


7068. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Deborah Christian is so corrupt its ridiculous. She ignores the facts, and the law to rule for the party she favors (not the underdog). One example of her corruptness, is I had a fee waiver from another judge in my civil case, which included a court reporter's services for court proceedings. She told the court reporter assigned to her courtroom that she did not have to transcribe the proceedings, despite the fact that the court reporter was assigned to her courtroom, and was being paid to provide her services to the courtroom. In other words, the court reporter had nothing else to do, and there was no legitimate reason for the court reporter to not provide her services. Judge christian even had the gall to ask periodically if someone wanted to post fees for the court reporter, and she would ignore our reminders that there was fee waiver on file, and hence fees were already posted. She is pathetic!


7253. attorney (private practice)

Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt, is the kindest way to describe Judge Deborah Christian. We had a jury trial in front of her, and she did everything she could possibly do to sway the jurors towards the party she favored and sway them against the party she disfavored. Basically she prevented the party she disfavored (the party she viewed as not politically powerful/unable to help her politically), from having a fair trial, and gave the party she favored everything they asked favor, despite their actions and requests being contrary to the law and the facts.


6551. attorney (private practice)

Terrible judge. A 1 rating is too high for this person. LA has a lot of judges in the running for the worse judge and she is certainly a leader in the race to the bottom. She actually refused to read the large writing on an exhibit which said it was NOT a lease. She said it was a lease because that what the other attorney said it was and it was too hard for her to read. I'm legally blind and I can read it. She did not even try to read it, and Yes, I expressly asked her to read it and refuse refused. Of course, I know why she refused to read the what the exhibit said -- it contradicted her ruling 100%.


421. other

very pleasant demeanor, but ignores the law and the facts seemingly to avoid appearing as if she favors the underdog - either that or she really does disfavor the underdog.


4566. attorney (public defender)

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6915. party to case (with attorney)

NO justice eviction trail!!!!. Can't believe she passed to jury trail for eviction. LA county might consider spending money to street or park for better environment instead of paying to her. Terrible judge!!!!!.


6926. party to case (with attorney)

She does not follow the rules. She allowed the tenant's atty to continue the case as long as he wanted. The tesult was a case that lssted 9 months in dept 9---with the tenant living rent free all this time. She ended up allowing the tenant to have a jury trial when he had waived it by not posting fred. Not fair! Where is the justice in this county! We need d to have better judge run this courtroom


1065. party to case (pro se)

I can only speak from my limited experience as a traffic court defendant, but Judge Christian ruled in my favor in a case that really could have gone either way as it was a matter of judgment of whether what I had done was an unsafe lane change. I felt like I had a really strong argument, but I know in traffic court the presumption is often that if a police officer took the time to write a citation then then defendant is probably guilty, and especially in a case where it would have been easy to say 'well, the officer who saw what you did thought it was unsafe, so I'll defer to that over your explanation.' To be clear I think I was unambiguously not guilty, but given the situation of traffic court I thought it was very fair of the judge to see it my way. I can't really fairly rate all of the categories below b/c I don't have anything to go on and I'm not sure I'd have a fair basis to evaluate it even if I had access since I have not been trained as a lawyer.

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