Hon. Michael I. Begert

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3997. other

This judge does not follow the law instead chooses to run his very own "kangaroo court". Shame on this man and his complete lack of integrity, ethics, and human empathy.


3895. party to case (with attorney)

Judge Begert is a joke. Literally every parent in my group at Kid's Turn had a story about him losing his temper, making an unfair ruling that messed up their case, and having PTSD from his confusing behavior. The man does not read anything thing filed with the court, you have to speak it in front of him if you want the information considered; problem is he doesn't let people talk, he just acts like you are giving him a migraine the entire time. He makes Oscar the Grouch look like the Dalai Lama.


2283. party to case (with attorney)

Incompetent. Bought the lies that were told by respondent's party, did not admit or take into consideration valid evidence and he had apparently not read the case file. Thus, he made a ruling unrelated to the motion on file and in contradiction with every other ruling in the past 5 years, thereby undermining the authority of his peers' judgements from the past as well as his own. Furthermore, giving positive reinforcement to a respondent with a history of abuse of litigation.


4996. party to case (pro se)



6478. other

I hope that someday Judge Begert's lovely wife finds him in bed with a prostitute so that he can be humiliated and stripped of his rights in family court by a judge just as mean and stupid as he is.


992. party to case (pro se)

Judge was very short with Respondent and I. He seemed in a hurry. Maybe not to be late for lunch? He was not thorough, and completely changed our custodial schedule when we had very recently made changes based on mutual agreements. We came out of the Court feeling completely confused as what to do next. Two out of our three Issues were not resolved. Someone who worked in the court ( I wont say any names) apologized for his cavalier attitude. Court was a complete waste of time.


1674. other

I was self represented today, so I can only write a review as "some other type of commenter" My ex was asking to get a restraining order against me and full custody of our only child, and I still can believe the patience, sense of common ground and family knowledge this Judge displayed. I'm shocked... During these last couple of months, I had the worst time of my life due to the petitioner's lies and hostile attitude, and this Judge...was simply the most prepared, knowledgeable, and sensitive person I could have ever expected. I'm so happy that San Francisco has Judges as Michael Begert. I completely disagree with the previous comment, since he took all the time he needed to make a decision. Today, I spent my whole day in court, and this is something I won't ever in my whole life...


2666. attorney (private practice)

Very good judge!!!! Generally really polite unless someone gets out of line. I hope he lasts in 403. He looked pretty tired of family law today.


3405. party to case (pro se)

Very disappointing that the ex could hang on to my money for four months and gain interest on it and the judge went with "the letter of the law" and I lost out on $600/month in interest. Also that my ex was given full custody of our son yet he moved back in with me for almost two years and I didn't get child support for that. It's like the judge wasn't even paying attention to the timeline of events.


4741. party to case (pro se)

This judge is extremely well prepared and follows the rules of the court and law as opposed to letting other parties go down the rabbit hole of nonsense and false allegations. If you have a valid point and can prove it, he will rule in your favor. If you cannot prove your case and are just using family court as a mechanism for anger and manipulation, he will rule against you.


5210. other

don't expect justice in beget's courtroom unless you are well connected and have made a contributon to his pension fund.


6649. attorney (private practice)

this assclown needs to get a real job


6726. attorney (private practice)

This judge is a laughing stock in the entire bay area legal community


7252. other

An utter disgrace to the legal profession. His name is synonymous with terror in the family law community. Lawyer or Plaintiff, God help you if he is your Judge. He will make mincemeat of your sanity.


8305. other

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8552. attorney (private practice)

The most despised judge in sf family law

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