Hon. Sandra K. Bean

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1972. party to case (pro se)

This judge is consistently late and is biased towards those who have representation. Her courtroom is a circus. Those waiting to see her are allowed to talk and use their cell phones without being reprimanded. Negative stars for preparedness and punctuality.


4028. attorney (private practice)

Judge Bean should be removed from the bench. She is incompetent.


4957. attorney (private practice)

If it were possible to give this judge negative stars I would. In my opinion, she has no understanding of the law. She is vindictive and makes insane rulings. I attempted to call impeachment witnesses and she refused to allow them to testify. She then said "if I referred everyone in my courtroom to the DA, I would have no one in my courtroom". So I guess it's ok to lie like a rug in her courtroom.


5328. courthouse employee

This is a CRIMINAL EFFORT, beware of this player, she is part of a band of JUDICIARY CROOKS.


9070. attorney (private practice)

Sandra Bean is an embarrassment to the legal profession, particularly the judiciary. She is completely incompetent. She has no understanding of civil substantive law or procedure. Her rulings are nothing but unjust and whimsical. You would think that a Superior Court judge in a metropolitan area would have to have some clue of the law, but she has none. If there were any justice in the world, she would be summarily dismissed from the bench.


1914. attorney (non-profit practice)

probably the most pathetic judge to be ever in a courtroom..i never been in front of such an incompetent judge and her knowledge of the law is the worst i've witnessed in 20 yrs


3276. witness

She rules illegally, and against the facts of the case. Either on the take or completely incompetent, either way, she needs to be arrested. Beware of her. My opinion based on the evidence.


3433. attorney (non-profit practice)

Horrible, inept, vindictive, utterly uninformed. She does not seem to follow the law, procedure, evidence, or anything else - just does whatever she wants. I regret not having dinged her - will never allow her to be on one of my cases again.


5305. party to case (with attorney)

I wish I could give negative stars. This judge ignored the law, didn't care about the truth and made it impossible to proceed. She should be impeached. I hope she reaps what she has sown.


5306. party to case (with attorney)

I wish I could give negative stars. This judge ignored the law, didn't care about the truth and made it impossible to proceed. She should be impeached. I hope she reaps what she has sown.


8785. witness

Incompetent, doesn't follow the law nor facts. I paid the court reporter for the transcripts as the hearings were so surreal.


893. party to case (pro se)

The experience with this Judge was questionable, she granted me Physical Custody based on the Father of my children taking the children and moving to another city, and his whereabouts were unknown. Then when she gets in front of another lawyer in the courtroom(which it was clear she is biased when you are not represented by an attorney)she said my report was misleading, she made the new ruling based on a report submitted and completed before the current incident of my Ex Husband running off with the children. I have seen her three times and all three I had to explain the situation as if she didn't breif herself on the matter prior, her rulings seem to be based on emotional connections with her colleagues instead of the best interest of the children. Thumbs Down! I will be seeking an Attorney and making a complaint against this person that should be using her position to rule properly.


4562. attorney (public defender)

Anti-Court Corruption, World's Best "Legally Undefeatable" Probate Legal Assistance---"Expenses Only" (Repaid Upon Collection from Opposing/Responsible Parties---Therefore, "Free", after all recoveries are made)!!! USRecovery@Gmail.com


4773. party to case (pro se)

I am 6'7 black with dreads. I assumed I was screwed going into family court. Lets be honest, those walls were built to protect white women and I just new I had no chance. Judge Bean actually ruled against me BUT she was fair and unbiased. Homebasere@aol.com


5312. other

IMPORTANT: If you have information of a crime or suspicious activity, including events taking place within a judicial proceeding, judicial corruption, obstruction of justice, witness, evidence, or jury tampering, or illegal asset and monetary seizure, embezzlement, or conversion, please contact the FBI, at: 415-553-7400 fbi.dallas@ic.fbi.gov phoenix@ic.fbi.gov san.francisco@ic.fbi.gov richmond@ic.fbi.gov portland@ic.fbi.gov seattle@ic.fbi.gov or the US Securities and Exchange Commission (703) 813-9322 fax, saltlake@sec.gov sanfrancisco@sec.gov newyork@sec.gov denver@sec.gov losangeles@sec.gov miami@sec.gov


7153. juror

Judge Bean seems fantastic to me, it seems this page is full of a bunch of people who didn't get their way and are massive whiners.

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