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7510. party to case (pro se)

Went before Judge Barry on 02/22/17. As a defendent I had filed a Request for Special Notice. The Plaintiff withheld documents after acknowledging timely receipt of the notice. Judge Barry said since I had notice of hearing that was all that was required even though I requested copies of all matters including contract. He is egregious in bending the law to his desired outcome and exhibited bias without apology. I have filed three letters of complaint regarding code of ethics and constitutional violations; nothing was ever done. I received a letter that stated Judge Barry was upset about the length of the litigation which apparently gave him the right to take the law into his own hands. He will never measure up to the honorable judges. First the good news is that in all the proceedings the court starts promptly. The not so good news, is that it is obvious that Judge Barry does not read his cases and takes the law into his own hands with little to no regard for constitutional violations. Basically, throughout the proceedings I was forced to remain silent. In one instance I asked to respond to a statement by the plaintiff and Judge Barry denied the request stating, "No, I have to much to do today." A person has the right to be heard in court. Somehow, I pissed him off and in a fit of rage he ordered the plaintiff to evict me out of the home. This case was dismissed and we returned to probate court, Judge Barry ordered the plaintiff to serve me a 3 day notice again and give him a motion and that he would evict me through the probate court. He submitted a court order for the plaintiff to change the locks on the doors. I wrote the presiding judge and received a response that Judge Barry's supervisor would investigate, I am still waiting for a response. In the last court visit, however, Judge Barry told the plaintiffs they would have to back away from the motion. He then denied it without prejudice and told the plaintiffs they have to get an attorney for the eviction. Judge Barry took a document from a 3rd party who engaged in conspiracy and deceit with the plaintiff and was never placed under oath and then used the information in the document for truth and removed me from an administrative position. The person would submitted the document also stated the court telephoned her. As a defendant, I was never able to challenge this information. Judge Barry denied my request to challenge and placed an heir in an administrative position that has a thoroughly documented history of theft, misappropriation of funds, fraud and deceit. I have contacted the Judicial Review Board who has since replied that while there may be mistakes, there was no ethical issues to which I disagree. The only option is to try to sue for constitutional violations but there are no damages. As a result, this is an only option. I am very dismayed with this Judge. It has nothing to do with the fact that he rules against me but the blatant errors and bending of the law is discouraging and disgraceful to all other honorable judges. I find him on the disgraceful side.


7523. other



7565. other

I would demand for a jury in your trials. Too much power for one person to make decisions on a family's entire financial future. Let's see what happens in court in March.

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