Hon. Diane B. Altamirano

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1164. witness

She does not base her decision on the evidence she bases it on her own opinion of the matter. She is also rude while you are talking she shuffles through her papers and does other but put attention to you.


1165. witness

Judge Diane Altamirano is very rude and she does not listen to what you have to say. at the end she will decide what she wants based on her opinion not the ecidence or statments from witnesses


1166. other

She is rude and does not let you talk and express your side of the story. she needs to un elected from being a judge. good thing that i did not vote for her during her election and beside she barely won the election if more people actually voted she would of lost for sure.


1368. other

She is the worst judge i have seen. she needs to be out of the courthouse. She thinks that every child should be with their father no matter what they do or what they did. And i am sorry but people do not change. She believes that if the father is a mean drunk that he should be sent to Rehab but still have visits with their children. All the violent crime offenders/ fathers are also given a chance. They are given chance after chance to try and change but at the end there are left exactly as before. Maybe she should give Child molesters a chance to be with their victim/ child that would be great give the child right to offender. She needs to understand that once they do something bad they are 95 percent more likely to do it again.


3407. party to case (pro se)

It has been my experience that Altemirano is incompetent in the court. She runs a corrupt court and willfully trespasses against the people. She is described as a tyrant and a person full of corruption. I advise anyone who has standing in court where she is the Tribunal, recuse her. Demand she be removed in the preservation of justice. A judge who performs on their personal capacity will violate your rights. Diane is an OATH breaker and will not comply with her oath of office. To substantiate my words, Diane has refused to operate under any safe guards of the court. She allows perjury, obstruction of justice, and fraud upon the court. i would direct your attention to case EFL-10171. you would see that I have exhausted all efforts to present the court with relevant evidence that clearly shows the obvious violations. my comments are not bias but factual. Proceed with caution with this Judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2048. other

I was in a matter in court on 12/5/13. This judge is rude and plays favorites when it comes to attorneys. I heard her mention to the Petitioners attorney that she would not be letting the respondents witnesses testify to the matter but yet allowed a witness from the petitioners side who is a man testify. I believe she personally knows one of the parties on that case. The respondents attorney had factual evidence, yet she kept saying that how is that relevant to the case. When the evidence presented showed that everything that happened like the texts of the petitioner saying to the respondent that if she left with the baby he would file a TRO. To me who is not even an attorney would take that as a threat and that the petitioner would go to any means to have the baby taken away, even to the point of lying that he was being abused by the respondent even in his own house.!!! Really, this judge to me sounds like she either knows someone on the petitioners side, or actually had a personal matter and now hates all women. Really judge!! Hear the evidence that's what you are there for. If not resign.


2500. witness

Diane Altamirano is not fair, unbiased, or a good judge . She abuses her power.


2501. party to case (with attorney)

Go to www .cjp.ca.gov to make a complaint


4561. attorney (public defender)

Anti-Court Corruption World's Best "Legally Undefeatable" Probate Legal Assistance---"Expenses Only" (Repaid Upon Collection from Opposing/Responsible Parties---Therefore, "Free", after all recoveries are made)!!! USRecovery@Gmail.com

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